We’re so excited to meet soon at Dikla’s Friends dinner!

We’re so excited to meet soon at Dikla’s Friends dinner!

Dikla’s Friends – Connecting People 
 Friends is a social venture,
designed to connect people that don’t know each other over curated inspirational dinners.
As the dinner host and connector, I introduce all the participants stories,
set the sitting arrangements and recommend interesting connections.
During dinner we will host a friend with an inspirational life story
and a social venture entrepreneur.

Our community
In the past 2.5 years, I’ve hosted over 25 dinners in Tel Aviv and NYC.
Dikla’s Friend community is a collection of all the past dinners participants,
counting more than 350 entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers and executives,
who love meeting new people, and want to widen their social and business circles.

Dikla’s Friends Quito dinner
The dinner will take place Wednesday, November 20 at 19:00
at Eran Hayoun’s residence.
Dinner is prepared by Chef Emilio Dalmau, Chef Dan Lev and Eran Hayoun.
We will be hosting Ecuadorian and Israelis. The dinner will be mostly in English.

Tell me everything!
Please take a few minutes to fill in some details about yourself.
I will use this information to introduce you at the beginning of the evening,
to create good and meaningful connections for you during dinner,
and to help you keep in touch with other participants, once the dinner is over.

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